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Mark Vincent

Reviews and Recommendations

"Thank you for an excellent few evenings of seminars. I'm at studying psychology; counselling and mental health as a mature student right now, so I really connected with the concepts and the examples you used to illustrate the presentation. I have come away from the two days with new knowledge and ideas, a great book list (which I brought minutes after the first session ended, just got to find Urban voodoo now) and confirmation that at least some of the things I'm doing are 'right'." -Zach

"Anyone who who is even vaguely interested in magic will know the power of symbols. The gift of a class with Mark is he doesn't just show you how to create a Sigil, he pierces through all illusion and confusion to explain why it works. You leave a class with Mark feeling your atoms rearranged, your mind and psyche re-tuned. His laser beam approach to get right to the core of the matter wakes you up, strips away the dross and connects you to the clarity of your own energetic reality. Understanding how the brain works paired with his magical scholarship gives you the tools to unfold yourself & take back the reins to your own life. Perhaps it to could be said his classes have less to do with creating enchantments and more to do with breaking them and waking up to access what is latent. There is an old saying in fairy-tales if you can't articulate your desire you don't deserve to have them. Mark gives you the tools to just that articulation." - Gemma

I was pleasantly surprised at how little time was taken up drawing/making the sigils and around the ritual and charge/fire side of things. I was a bit worried it would be 4 hours of "here's a bunch of ways you can draw a sigil". Thankfully it wasn't! I really enjoyed all the psychological frameworks and mechanisms you took us through and feel like they are going to be really very valuable, the 6 X 3 method also is a great take-away. Basically feel much better equipped now than before the 4 hours and can't wait to start having fun with it. - Vicky


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