Rune Meditations Workshop
Wed, 08 Dec |

Rune Meditations Workshop

Andre Henriques leads this meditative workshop on two runes, allowing a deeper and fuller exploration

Time & Location

08 Dec, 19:00 – 09 Dec, 21:00

About The Event

This rune workshop explores just two runes from the futhark, but goes into great depth with information and personal engagement. In the first hour, Andre discusses a rune appropriate to the season, chosen advance. He quotes from the old written sources describing it, then turns to its more modern interpretations. A guided meditation then gives everyone a living inner experience of the rune. The second hour is dedicated to a second rune. This one, however, is chosen by the wyrd (fate). This one is then treated in the same way. By the end of the session attendees will have a greater knowledge and personal resonance with them both.

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