London Lore Tarot: the Tapestry of a City – Johnny Cue

Highly original Tarot deck with evocative black & white illustrations depicting the lore, legends and hidden aspects of London. Created by one of  us here at Treadwell’s!


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Product Description

London, UK, 2016. Designed by Johnny Cue. 78 cards, boxed, with 61 page booklet. New.

Evocative black & white illustrations and a highly imaginative use of some well-known and many lesser-known elements from the mythical and magical history of London. The people, places, buildings and geographical features range from those of ancient London through to those of contemporary times, the traces of the city’s distant past still having influence and potency today.

The deck has the traditional 22 Major /56 Minor structure. Thus, the Trumps bear the traditional numbers and names alongside their mythic London attributions: 1 The Magician depicts John Dee, VII The Chariot shows the legendary giants Gog and Magog, and XXII The World features the Globe Theatre, a reference to Frances Yates’ Theatre of the World.
The minor arcana are similarly divided into the traditional 4 suits, with Cups featuring cards bearing Old Father Thames, William Blake; Coins (associated with the underground realms) have a London Tube train, and the peculiar street lamp behind the Strand that is powered by sewer gas! Wands feature the Tabard Inn (of Chaucer fame), and Swords depict Covent Garden’s Seven Dials and the lunatic asylum, Bedlam.

This is a wonderfully original deck that will inspire people to explore the lesser-known backstreets of London, its hidden and ancient lore. It may also be used for readings, with the illustrations encouraging innovative and intuitive thought-flows and inspiration.

A perfect accompaniment to the recently-published Secret Lore of London book, edited by John Matthews & Caroline Wise.