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A selection of prose and poetry illuminating the ideas about witchcraft circulating around the time of Wicca's birth – The New Forest Coven and Gerald Gardner. Introductory essay on earliest 'Garderian' Craft by Christina Oakley Harrington, accompanying her curated selection Paperback. Copies are SIGNED.


The many ideas that would crystallise into Wicca and the work of Gerald Gardner have a long genealogy, from late medieval conceptions of the Sabbath to the libertine nature-dwellers of the Edwardian writers. In this magical anthology curated by Treadwell's own Christina Oakley Harrington, writings drawn from the wide span of history – from the medieval world to the twentieth century – are woven into chapters covering different aspects of the craft. These texts represent diverse genres – legal, literary, historical, fiction, and poetry – and form a prism through which the reader can catch of a glimpse of the impulse that inspired Gardner and his circle.  Her 5,000 word inrtroductory article outlines their origins, values, priorities and practices. As well, she provides a 300-500 word introduction to each chapter of the anthology. A celebration of the timeless dream of witchcraft.


The paperback edition features a sturdy Fedrigoni carton softcover with flaps, and a striking crescent-moon motif and title text in black on the front.  It boasts Black Letter Press's characteristic attention to detail and high-quality production value.  Copies are signed by the editor/author.


Obernkirchen: Black Letter Press, 2022. Softcover, 297 pages. New.

Dreams of Witches (Signed PB) - Christina Oakley Harrington