The Secret Lore of London – Eds. John Matthews & Caroline Wise

A guide to the legends, myths and magical sites of London.


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Hodder and Stoughton. With a foreword by Iain Sinclair. Paperback, 368 pages. 

London is an ancient city, whose foundation dates back literally thousands of years into the legendary prehistory of these islands. Not surprisingly it has accumulated a large number of stories, both historic and mythical, many of which, though faithfully recorded at the time, have lain almost forgotten in dusty libraries throughout the city.

Containing essays by key figures in contemporary paganism and earth mysteries, The Secret Lore of London is a guide to the legends, myths and magical sites of London combining elements of Prehistoric, Celtic, Arthurian, Roman, Saxon and Norman cultures.

The second part of the book consists of a Gazetteer of the sites mentioned which are still in existence, together with various other sites of associated interest.

Contributors include:

Caroline Wise
Nigel Pennick
Iain Sinclair (introduction)
John Matthews
Caitlín Matthews
Carol Clancy
R.J. Stewart
Gareth Knight
Robert Stephenson
Geraldine Beskin
Chesca Potter
Ross Nichols


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