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Julian Vayne

Author, Practitioner, & Psychedelic Shaman

Julian Vayne is an occultist and author of numerous books, essays, journals and articles in both the academic and esoteric press. A regular speaker at events, and facilitator of retreats and workshops, his work is informed by chaos magic and lineages within Wicca and tantra. Julian is a co-organizer of the psychedelic conference Breaking Convention, and sits on the academic board of The Journal of Psychedelic Studies.

He runs numerous online workshops for Treadwell's on a variety of subjects including, but not limited to:

Psychedelic Magic
Elemental Magic
Cleansing, Banishing and Centring

Through Treadwell's, Julian Vayne is now offering one-to-one sessions to allow one's unique magic to flourish. For those looking for an experienced guide to help one find one's way through the vast array of esoteric books, methods and styles.

Julian is one of Britain's leading occultists and can give advice on best approaches to one's practice, offer inspirational ideas, and teach powerful practical techniques, in subjects as wide-ranging as witchcraft, chaos magic, tantra, sacred landscape, and entheogens.

Julian Consulting
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