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Mark Vincent

Chaos Magician & Hypnotherapist


Mark is a professional musician of 25 years, a clinical hypnotherapist with over 15 years experience, and an experienced chaos magician. He draws upon his extensive knowledge of neuroscience, psychology and therapeutic approaches to develop cutting-edge occult methods to ensure more effective spellcasting. He runs numerous workshops through Treadwell's, including:


  • The Chaos Chambers (a four-part system of chaos magic)

  • Hypnosis and Trance for Magical Practice

  • Practical Magic: Creating a Servitor

Mark specialises in finding out what people really want versus what they think they want and then teaching them to employ various occult approaches to enact their will. As well as chaos magic, Mark is experienced Enochian magic and various non-traditional occult approaches. His methods can be integrated and used by people who are working in established traditions as well as by solo practitioners.


Through Treadwell's, Mark is now offering one-to-one sessions for those who wish to go deeper.

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"The gift of a class with Mark is he doesn't just show you how to create a Sigil, he pierces through all illusion and confusion to explain why it works." - Gemma

"It was easy to follow, and the structure of talking about the underlying mental things in the first part was great." - Åskar

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