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The Treadwell's Guide to: Magic and Spellcraft for Beginners

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

New to magic but don't know where to start? Casting a spell but having some trouble putting it together? Here are some beginner-friendly books on magic and the basics of crafting spells that are beloved by us here at Treadwell's, or by our community. Don't forget the eye of newt ...


Treadwell's Top Pick:

Candle Magic Lucya Starza

We recommend this to every customer looking for a beginning book on spellcraft – Lucya is a London Wiccan who is Treadwell's tutor of choice for our candle magic and scrying workshops, and the perfect person to write this fantastic primer. Don't let this slim volume fool you: from the history of candle magic to divination, from short spells to longer workings, Lucya shows how candle magic – one of most accessible and affordable forms of magic – offers endless possibilities and plenty of room for individual creativity.

Treadwell's also stocks a selection of small and regular spell candles in different colours – perfect together with Lucya's book, to get you (or a loved one) started on your magical journey!


For the no-nonsense problem-solver

The Elements of Spellcrafting – Jason Miller

How does a spell work? Or, more importantly, how does a spell not work? Jason Miller takes a no-nonsense approach towards the theory and practice of building a successful spell from start to end: not merely the bells and whistles, but also the simple things that are easily missed – how to set actually achievable goals, or why sometimes the best magic is no magic. The Elements of Spellcrafting, despite its title, has plenty to teach both beginners and advanced practitioners alike.

For aspiring magicians of all paths

Initiation into Hermetics – Franz Bardon

Initiation into Hermetics is a hallowed classic – and that's not to put it lightly. Bardon's ten-step programme of training is meticulously constructed, designed to induct the aspirant through the foundational principles of Western Hermeticism: the four elements, the different non-physical bodies, so on and so forth. The practical exercises build on each other, taking the student from basic visualisation to astral projection. This is a serious course of study that demands consistency and dedication, but those who persist may find themselves emerging with a solid base of knowledge and skills upon which further magical and spiritual work can be effectively built.

For difficult times

Light Magic for Dark Times – Lisa Marie Basile

Magic has always offered refuge to people in difficult times. This book is popular with our customers, and for good reason: Lisa is a poet and witch who draws on her own experiences as a young woman and as a trauma survivor to offer workings aimed at empowering and healing people when times are dark. There is magic for healing from crisis, loss and meltdown; there are workings, too, for empowering activists and activism. This is not only an uplifting book of magic, but also an important one for these often tumultuous times.

For the spellcrafter on the go

The Charmers' Psalter – Gemma Gary

This pocket-friendly selection of psalms is organised by magical purpose – protection, love, prosperity, and so on – drawing on a long history of their use in the folk magic of Britain and elsewhere. Put together by Gemma Gary, one of Troy Books' most popular authors, this portable offering is perfect for any witch or modern-day cunning-person who needs to put spells together on the go.


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