This young feminist American is part of the new wave of witchcraft.  Lisa Marie Basile is a trauma survivor, and her magical practice is profoundly shaped by the fact.  Too, she is poignantly aware of the issues facing women today: ecological crisis, social injustice, misogyny, transphobia.  The workings she offers to her readers aim at empowering and healing people when times are dark.

There is magic for healing from crisis, loss and meltdown.  There are workings, too, for empowerment as one engages in activism and efforts to change the world. Thus Basile gives, for example,  a spell to recharge oneself after a protest or social justice work. Equally, she offers a sex-magic ritual to help one love one's body.  In this book of practical magical guidance, the personal is truly political. 

Beverly, MA: Fair Winds Press, 2018. Hardback, 176 pages. New. 

Light Magic for Dark Times - Lisa Marie Basile