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Subtitled, ‘The Art of Ben Edge,’ this special issue of Weird Walk consists of an in-depth interview with titular artist Ben Edge.


The interview included in this issue is interspersed with numerous full-colour reproductions of a cross section of Edge’s paintings, including two page spreads of some of the larger works. The contents of this zine are a unique opportunity to learn about the folkloric traditions of Britain from someone who has travelled across the UK in order to witness many of these historic events and share them through art and music. This is a beautiful homage to the artist and his work, as well as an invitation to understand what folklore activism is, and what its purpose is in contemporary society. Edge’s ‘Folklore Activist Manifesto’ is included at the end of this zine.


Essex: Weird Walk, 2024. Staplebound booklet, 37 pages. New.

Folklore Activist [Zine] - Weird Walk Editions