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Subtitled, ‘A True Story of Colonial Loot and Restless Objects,’ Noah Angell provides an incisive and critical view of the British Museum’s collection and their paranormal activity.


Drawing on the testimonies of British Museum staff, Angell challenges the way in which many of the artefacts in the British Museum came to be there and the way in which the objects themselves reject the colonial circumstances that led to their place within the collection. The origins of the artefacts on display at the British Museum have their own stories to tell, and in the case of this book, some of them are not silent about it. Staff at the British Museum have long whispered of seeing apparitions in the corridors late at night. Undocumented until now, these sightings have been detailed in a new book. This is a book that combines historical insight with a critical perspective on how colonialism continues to shape the worldview of many.


London: Octopus Publishing Group Ltd., 2024. Hardback, 232 pages. New.

Ghosts of the British Museum - Noah Angell