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This special issue of the Nottingham Horror Collective zine honours all things queer, presenting essays and a watchlist that invite readers to view the horror genre through an LGBTQ+ lens.


Beginning with an introduction that demonstrates how fundamental queer perspectives are to horror, a genre that inherently challenges the limits of societal norms, this special issue of the Nottingham Horror Collective zine pays homage to the many ways in which queer perspectives enhance fictional portrayals of fear. The graphic design of this zine is unique from other publications the Nottingham Horror Collective have produced, presenting a nostalgic limited palette that pops visually. A watch list of horror films is included at the end of the zine with brief descriptions of each film.


Contents include:

  • Editorial by Emily Malone

  • The Monster in the Closet by L. J Valentine

  • Keepin’ Secrets, Are Ye?: Why the Lighthouse is a Homoerotic Soap Opera by C. R Sterling

  • All Vampires are Gay by Hannah England

  • Girls Gone Wild: A Yellowjackets Deep Dive by Jennifer Brough

  • Low Budget Bordel: French Femmes Transform Horror for Cheap! by Wilde Davis

  • TNHC's Queer Horror Picks

  • Meet the Creatives


N.L.: The Nottingham Horror Collective, 2023. Staplebound booklet, 39 pages. New.

The Last Closet on the Left Vol. 1 [Zine] - The Nottingham Horror Collective