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The Myth & Lore zine welcomes the return of spring with their eighth issue dedicated to rebirth, living things, and growth.


This issue contains a host of illustrations, photographs, poems, and short articles on the theme of flora and fauna, celebrating the nature of growing things and the complexity of life on our planet. The artwork featured in this zine ranges in style and medium from ink drawings to linocuts, showcasing a wide range of ways to view the theme of this publication. The folkloric style of much of the art connects readers to the subject matter in a way that pays tribute to historic practices observed as the seasons change. As in all Myth & Lore issues, the entirety of the inside is printed solely in black and white on glossy paper.


N.L.: Mark Ryan, 2024. Perfect bound paperback, 94 pages. New.

Myth & Lore, Issue 8: Flora, Fauna, & Fresh Beginnings