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This staplebound booklet by magical practitioner +RRH+ presents a three-month outline for how to begin working magic.


Despite its limited number of pages, this guide is a fantastic resource for those seeking an accessible and informative introduction to magical practice that can be worked daily and deepened over time. While the structure of this booklet uses three months as a time frame, this is the minimum amount of time it can be completed in, with various suggestions of how the exercises can be deployed at longer intervals for those who prefer a less intense experience. References are made to other methods and material the reader may find useful, and the conclusion includes suggestions for furthering one’s magical journey once they have mastered the skills presented here. This is a first edition chapbook limited to 666 copies. All copies are signed and hand-numbered by the author. This item is exclusive to Treadwell's Books.


Contents include:


  • Introduction

  • The Curriculum

  • Month One: Preliminaries:

    • The Journal

    • The Altar

    • Breathwork

    • Chanting

    • The Death Posture

    • Meditation

    • Basic timing

    • A simple system of play card divination

  • Month Two: Initiation into Witchcraft

    • New Altar tools

    • Visualisation

    • The Elements

    • Gestures & Consecration

    • The Ancestors

    • Hekate, goddess of Witchcraft

    • Hermes, trickster god of magicians

  • Month Three: The Magical Temple

    • The Elemental Tools

    • The circle of rope and regalia

    • The Elemental Pentagram Ritual

    • The Olympic Spirits

    • The Table of Art

    • Initiating planetary relationships

    • Sigils and Talismans

  • The Magical Assistant

  • Where to go from here


London: Fool’s Errand, 2024. Staplebound booklet, 54 pages. New.

The Black Chapbook - +RRH+