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Subtitled, ‘The Tarot Deck of Austin Osman Spare,’ this book reveals the 79-card divination deck created by the legendary London artist and mystic.


The format of The Lost Envoy is made up of two parts. The first part of the book is a collection of chapters written by various authors on the history, context, and rediscovery of the tarot deck. The second part of the book contains detailed scans of the cards themselves with further clarifying material. This book contains full-colour reproductions of all 79 cards in the personal tarot deck of Austin Osman Spare along with card groupings that show how various illustrations connect multiple cards to create a larger image. The handwritten card descriptions that appear throughout the deck are transcribed in order, allowing readers to appreciate Spare’s work in a more accessible format.


Contents include:


  • Foreword by Mark Pilkinton

  • Introduction by Jonathan Allen

  • Austin Spare and the Ages of Tarot by Helen Farley

  • A Work for Artists by Gavin W. Semple

  • Mind to Mind and How, by a Sorcerer by Austin Osman Spare

  • “His Own Arcana”: Austin Osman Spare and the Borders of Tarot by Phil Baker

  • Tarot Cards and a Pack in The Magic Circle Museum by Arthur Ivey

  • A Gift of Fortune by Jonathan Allen

  • The Deputation by Sally O’Reilly

  • A Cartomantic Mirror by Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill

  • Endnotes

  • The Tarot Deck of Austin Osman Spare

  • Concordance

  • Note to the Second Edition by Jonathan Allen

  • Select Bibliography

  • Notes on Contributors

  • Acknowledgments

  • Index


London: Strange Attractor Press, 2023. Paperback, 351 pages. New.

The Lost Envoy - Jonathan Allen (ed.)