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Providing exciting retellings of the Norse myths accompanied by historic and archaeological source material, this charming hardback is an excellent resource for those interested in the Viking Age.


Divided into chapters that move the reader through Norse mythology from the most well-known figures such as the gods and goddess to the lesser-known heroes of the Viking world, this book provides a complete introduction into the myths themselves and their primary sources. By the end of this book the reader will be familiar with the overall landscape of Norse mythology, and will have the tools to deepen their research as desired. A further reading list is included at the end of the book, and a pronunciation guide is provided at the beginning of the book to assist readers in understanding the language that these stories were originally recorded in. This book is fully illustrated, including maps of geographical and mythological locations, paintings and illustrations, and photographs of relevant artefacts.


Contents include:


  • Introduction: Sources and Survivals

  • The Gods and Goddesses

  • Creating and Crafting the World

  • Opposing Powers

  • Fit for Valhöll: Human Heroes

  • Heroes of the Viking World

  • End Times - and Renewal


London: Thames & Hudson, 2017. Hardback, 208 pages. New.

The Norse Myths - Carolyne Larrington