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This essay collection seeks to foster a closer connection between the reader and the natural world by highlighting the ways in which history and forgotten traditions can help us strengthen bonds with the natural world.


Highlighting the fact that the United Kingdom is one of the least biologically diverse countries in Europe, and how many inhabitants of the British Isles are often not able to interact with nature due to numerous factors within and without the control of the individual, this book introduces the idea of ‘Wild Service’ as a way to close the gap between humans and nature. One of the foundational arguments found in the book is that increasing access to natural spaces for the public will create net positive outcomes for the landscape due to collective investment and understanding of what the ecosystems of the British Isles need to thrive. This book is produced as a collaborative tapestry of voices and ideas with the common goal of protecting and restoring the environment while simultaneously facilitating more meaningful human experiences. The concept of ‘Wild Service’ was created by the Right to Roam campaign.


London: Bloomsbury, 2024. Hardback, 286 pages. New.

Wild Service - Nick Hayes & Jon Moses (eds.)