Icelandic Magic – Stephen E. Flowers

A complete system of magic based on surviving Icelandic books of magic.


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Rochester: Inner Traditions, 2016. Paperback, xx+133 pages. New.

During the Christianization of Europe, many books of magic were lost as traditions were suppressed. But in Iceland, the practice of recording magical spells in books continuing, albeit underground. Now preserved in the National Library in Reykjavik, these surviving grimoires reveal a rich magical tradition that has continued to evolve. Drawing on this vast body of lore, author Stephen Flowers presents a complete system of magic rooted in Icelandic lore and magical practices. He explores the history of magic in Iceland, and shares original translations of Icelandic folktales of famous magicians and books.

After explaining the grammar and symbolism of Icelandic Magic, Flowers presents an extensive catalogue of magical spells and ritual practices from the historical books of lore; spells and workings which can act both as ready-made forms for practical experimentation and as ameans to create more personalised workings. He also gives guidance on how to use the 100 magical names of Odin, and explores the relationship between the Icelandic magical tradition and the Runic Tradition. An excellent work for all those who would connect with the magical lore of Europe.

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