A Rose Veiled in Black – Ed. Robert Fitzgerald & Daniel A. Schulke

An anthology of essays devoted to the mysteries of Babalon.


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Richmond Vista, CA: Three Hands Press, 2016. Hardback with dustjacket, 222 pages. New.

The Lady Babalon is one of the most enigmatic figures of contemporary Thelema. A goddess encompassing the powers of divine harlot, initiatrix, creator and destroyer.

This anthology of essays devoted to the mysteries of Babalon in her myriad aspects gathers together the work of twelve scholars, magicians and allies of Thelema; exploring themes of sacrifice, initiation, magical liberation and witchcraft and accompanied by offerings of visionary art by contemporary practitioners.

Essays from: Robert Fitzgerald, Gordan Djurdjevic, Amodali, Bob Stein, Manon Hedenbourg-White, Grant Potts, Richard Kaczynski, Caroline Wise, Erik Davis, Daniel A. Schulke and Frater A.I.

Visionary art by: Barry William Hale, Timo Ketola, Hana Lee, Sarah Lindsay, Linda Macfarlane, Mitchell Nolte, Nicole Dimucci Potts  and Liv Rainey-Smith.

A superb work for all devotees of Babalon and anyone with an interest in contemporary goddess cultures.

First Edition, bound in red cloth with colour dustjacket. 10 colour plates.

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