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Treadwell's Teachers


Treadwell's has built an international reputation for its exceptional lecture series, which since 2003 has brought together academics, authors, practitioners and curious learners.

A few of our lecturers have become close friends who now teach regular workshop for us. Each of the people listed on this page is an expert in their chosen field 


In addition to the numerous workshops that our teachers run, some also offer one to one teaching. You can learn more about what they offer on each of their own pages. 

Julian Vayne
Julian Promo.jpg

Julian Vayne

Author, Practitioner, & Psychedelic Shaman...

His work is informed by chaos magic and lineages within Wicca and Tantra

Dr. Rebecca 

Dr. Rebecca Beattie

Author, Mentor, & Witch...

A Wiccan priestess and a friendly, engaged tutor with a focus on nature and magic

Mark Vincent

Mark Vincent

Chaos Magician & Hypnotherapist...

He has spent over a decade teaching people how to claim their own power

Adrien Mastrosimone

Adrien Mastrosimone

An acknowledged expert  in the Marseille Tarot...

A former reader at Treadwell's. He now shares his expertise with students

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