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A collection of writings on Arthurian myth, the Holy Grail and Glastonbury, by poet and playwright John Constable.


Here is a collection of poems, essays and other personal writings by acclaimed playwright and writer John Constable. The running theme is the town of Glastonbury and its links with Arthurian myth and the Holy Grail legend: characters such as the Fisher King and the wizard Merlin appear in John's poetic vision, as well as figures from Celtic mythology like Gwyn ap Nudd, Brigid/Bridie, and the bard Taliesin. Familiar Glastonbury Locations are featured – the Tor, Glastonbury Abbey, the Somerset Mid-Levels themselves, and even Magdalene Street. These writings include poetry inspired by mythological narratives and characters, personal accounts derived from John's experiences of living in Glastonbury, as well as essays touching on themes and topics related to the town – including the eponymous festival. This is a personal, heartfelt celebration of Glastonbury and its environs, that many Treadwell's customers will no doubt appreciate.


Glastonbury: Blue Cedar Printworks, 2022. Paperback, 184 pages. New.

Grail - John Constable