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A full-sized fold-out map of Britain showcasing the folklore and superstitions of over 1,400 locations across the country.


Forget Ordnance Survey – this map, created by the fabulously named Strumpshaw, Tincleton & Giggleswick's Marvellous Maps, showcases the folklore, superstitions and local legends that can be found across Britain. This glorious, full-sized fold-out map is crammed with stories, names and folklore, with pop-out boxes featuring the best of regional and local whispers. From the dragon of Dundee and the monstrous Nuckelavee of Orkney, from eerie Edinburgh to the Tower of London, the Great British Folklore & Superstition Map is packed with more than enough chilling trivia to last a lifetime (or two). Perfect for thrill-seekers, lore lovers and mystery-minded travellers.


N.L.: Marvellous Maps, 2021. Full-colour fold-out map, two-sided, size 100cm x 89cm. New.

Great British Folklore & Superstition Map