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A large, in-depth guide to runes, their history and their magical use.


For the serious student, Helrunar is a wide-ranging and extensive guide to runes: there is a carefully researched opening chapter on the history of runes, their origins and their use, and there is a great deal throughout on cultural meanings, mythic references, and ancient sites, as well as the expected information and teachings on how to divine with runes and work with runic sigils. The link between runes and different themes is also explored: runes and nature; runes and the qabala; there is also a discussion of werdandi and physical methods of embodying and connecting with the runes. This is the book we recommend to people who want to dive in and really work with Northern tradition material in a fully experiential way.


Oxford: Mandrake, 2006 (3rd edn). Paperback, 440 pages.

Helrunar - Jan Fries