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Subtitled, ‘William Blake at Old Wyldes, Hampstead,’ this chapbook continues Albani's work on the visionary journey of poet William Blake 


In this hand-illustratrated booklet, Louisa Albani dives into the period when William Blake was living in Hampstead (North London) and illustrating Dante’s work for John Linnel. The Dante illustrations would be Blake’s final work, and Albani takes the symbolism of a soul’s journey from damnation to salvation as a potent metaphor for the twilight of Blake’s life and career. Despite this sombre subject, Albani  pays homage to the friendships surrounding Blake in his final years, taking readers on a journey through Hampstead’s iconic Heath. In Search of Paradise is the sequel to her William Blake's Mystic Map of London.


London: Night Bird Press, 2023. Chapbook, 32 pages. New.

In Search of Paradise [Blake] – Louisa Albani