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Myth & Lore is a zine that describes itself as dedicated to 'everything weird, wonderful, mythological and folklore based'. The third issue of this zine steps beyond the veil to consider death and the afterlife. There is an interview with a modern mortician; essays, prose and poems that touch on different aspects of mortality; ouija boards and other ways of communicating with the dead; the reader also finds a brief feature on two ossuaries – bone chapels – that can be found within England itself. There are plenty of photographs and art filled with the imagery of death – skulls and skeletons, but also plague masks and burial mounds. This issue of Myth & Lore is perfect for the more mortally-minded reader, seeking to contemplate that which lies beyond.


N.L.: Mark Ryan, 2022. Softcover, 136+ pages. New.

Myth & Lore, Issue 3: Death, The Afterlife & Beyond the Veil