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This concise book includes a wealth of magical psalms and spoken charms collected from a broad range of resources used in traditional British witchcraft.


A working collection of spoken and written charms curated by artist and writer Gemma Gary. Gary’s introduction provides a brief overview of the origins of the psalms, how they have been used in the past, and how the contemporary reader will find value in their use today. Examples of use range from simply speaking the charms to creating witch bottles using the charms and psalms in written form. Notably, Gary references the prevalence of psalms in the Grimoire tradition and by use of cunning folk. This book is separated into three parts: the introduction, ‘The Magical Psalms,' and ‘Other Verbal Charms.’ The table of contents lists every charm included in the book for ease of use in treating any of the issues covered in the book.


London: Troy Books, 2013. Paperback, 120 pages. New.

The Charmers' Psalter (PB) - Gemma Gary