Berwick, Maine: Ibis Press, 2015. Hardback with dustjacket, xxiii 232 pages. New.
The Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy is published in a new edition by Stephen Skinner. It is a volume of six works, comprising

1. Henry Cornelius Agrippa's Of Magical Ceremonies, which deals with invoking spirits, demons, angels and other "spiritual creatures"

2. De Abano's Heptameron, an important grimoire of the sixteenth century, which focuses on the Angels of the days of the week

3. the Isagoge of Georg Villinganus which, structured in the form of a conversation between Castor and Pollux, allowed the author to express differing and sometimes controversial viewpoints on the nature of spirits.

4. The Arbatel of Magick, which first appeared in Basel in 1575, and was an influence on the work of Doctor John Dee

5. Agrippa's Of Geomancy,

6. Gerard of Cremona'sOf Astronomical Geomancy, which has a completely different approach to the generation of geomantic figures than that used in books which derive from the Golden Dawn.

These six works are introduced, edited and annotated by Stephen Skinner, with translations into English by Robert Turner. This collection of these key texts, together with the learned commentaries, wis of inestimable value to scholars and practitioners alike.

The Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy