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Anthology of essays and articles from the 7th annual Viridis Genii Symposium, 2022.


Viridis Genii ('green spirit') brings together a selection of essays and articles contributed by presenters from the annual Viridis Genii Symposium, a conference focusing on the ethnobotany of plant magic. The Series 7 instalment features speakers from the 2022 conference, and includes the following contributions:


Materia Magicka: Planetary Invocation through Herbal Intelligences

—Micah Abraxas Nilsson


The Midnight Barn Dance of 100 Spirits: Ozark Demonology

—Brandon Weston


Wedded to Death: The Use of Plants in the Initiation of a Witch

—Colleen Salomon, Ph.D.


Herbal Technology: How Spagyric Tincturing Methods Produce Full Spectrum Colloidal Suspensions of Natural Prodrugs

—Daniel Wiseman


Genii Loci: Plant Communities and Wisdom in Place

—Day Host-Jablonski


Phytography: Drawing Down the Green Sun 

—Wiebke Rost


Oh, Come You Back!: The Loss, Return, and Retention of Souls within Daoism, with Modifications

—John Anderson


The Sacred Basket and the Faces of the Earth Mother in Polish Folk Healing and Magic

—Gabriela Sarna Wiraszka


Shelton, WA: Viridis Press, 2022. Paperback, 170 pages. New.

Viridis Genii, Series 7 (Explorations of the Green Arte, Vol. 2)