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A history of the philosophy of life, from Aristotle to Kant to H. P. Lovecraft. 


Here is a book that traces the intellectual history of thinking about life, exploring how philosophers have attempted to define life, its parameters, and categories. Key thinkers in the history of the philosophy of life are discussed – Aristotle, Plotinus, Pseudo-Dionysus, Aquinas, Eriugena, Duns Scotus, Gilles Deleuze and Georges Bataille, among many others. Remarkably, Lovecraftian horror features as a prominent thread and thematic counterpoint throughout. This thought-provoking intellectual history will be particularly suitable for more seasoned readers of philosophy, addressing a fundamental but much overlooked question: what exactly is life?


Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2010. Paperback, 295 pages. New.

After Life [Philosophy] - Eugene Thacker