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An accessible introduction to Chaos Monasticism, combining the author's personal experiences with basic ideas for getting into the practice.


Chaos Monasticism is a practice originally described by chaos magic pioneer Peter Carroll, who outlined a programme of self-dedication and training which combined the principles of religious monasticism with the ideas of chaos magic. This book is both a guide to the practice and a personal account of the author's own experiences with it. It opens with a helpful section on the history of monasticism and its continuing relevance in the modern day, before delving into some fundamental ideas for building one's own Chaos Monasticism practice. As the author makes clear, Chaos Monasticism is not about ascetism or rejection of the world, but a way to empower oneself magically and meaningfully and to live out the principles of chaos magic in a real and manifest manner. 


Norwich: The Universe Machine, 2022. Paperback, 149 pages. New.

Chaos Monk - Steve Dee