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From the bestselling author of Psychic Witch, a book on spellcasting – its principles, basic techniques, and ways to create and customise one's own spells. 


Mastering Magick is a self-contained course in spellcasting, setting out a programme of theory and practice for experimenting with different kinds of spellwork and developing one's own magical style. Essential ideas such as the Hermetic principles, the four elements and magical timing are all described, and there are plenty of spells, formulas, meditations and exercises included for the reader to begin working with. Contributions from a range of guest writers – Christopher Penczak, Lilith Dorsey, Judika Illes and Benebell Wen, among many others – enrich the material and ensure that it is meaningful to readers of all kinds of backgrounds. Mat Auryn's previous book Psychic Witch is popular with Treadwell's customers for its accessible style and clear-cut explanations, and the same strengths here will no doubt make this equally appealing to those looking to begin or expand their own magical practice. 


Woodbury: Llewellyn Publications, 2022. Paperback, 240 pages. New.

Mastering Magick - Mat Auryn