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Fictionalised account of an alleged secret operation by a coven of English witches – including Gerald Gardner – to magically defend Britain during the Second World War. Hardback.


Among the most well-known stories from the life of Gerald Gardner is an alleged secret operation carried out by his coven of witches during the Second World War to magically resist the advances of Hitler and defend Britain from invasion. This novel – part-occult-, part-historical fiction – is a collaboration between Moira Hodgkinson, an esoteric novelist, and Philip Heselton, a witchcraft researcher, and brings to life this famous episode, retold as a fictional narrative that vividly sets its cast of real-life characters in their historical context.


Nottingham: Fenix Flames, 2022. Hardback, 212 pages. New.

Operation Cone of Power (HB) - Philip Heselton, Moira Hodgkinson