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The tenth instalment of independent zine Hellebore sheds light on the theme of 'darkness,' covering everything from English folklore on vampires to subterranean exploration.


This edition of Hellebore carries on the zine’s legacy of well-researched yet highly readable articles paired with stunning graphic design. The black, sepia, and white colour theme of the cover is carried throughout the publication, and each article features a combination of historical artwork and contemporary imagery. Topics covered in this text include English vampire lore, witchcraft, folk horror film analysis, obscure British folk tradition, a critical essay on John Wyndam’s The Day of the Triffids, and an exploration of the joy that is subterranean adventuring. Each piece of writing includes a short author biography and a list of works cited where appropriate.


Printed on silk coated paper. Perfect binding. A5. 84 pages. New.

Hellebore #10: The Darkness Issue