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HELLEBORE is an independent zine dedicated to folk horror and the themes that inspire it: folklore, myth, history, archaeology, psychogeography, and the occult.


Hellebore mark Samhain 2022 with their eighth issue, dedicated to the theme of unveiling – appropriate for the season when the veil between worlds is momentarily lifted. Visions, psychedelica, and the fairy realm are of particular interest in this issue, with contributions delving into such topics as Pink Floyd's Syd Barrett, the Rolling Stones's Brian Jones, and the great god Pan in 1960s Britain; psychoactive plants that have contributed to humanity's search for the divine; the Surrealist artist Leonora Carrington, her life and her art; an account of fairy sight and the use of fairy ointments; and the visionary role of folk music in shaping an alternative Britain; among others. As always, this is an excellent addition to the Hellebore line-up, and is sure to be enjoyed by a wide range of readers. 


Featuring words by Katy Soar, Nadia Choucha, Maria J. Pérez Cuervo, Catherine Winter and Finn Robinson, John Reppion, Verity Holloway, James Machin, and Rob Young. Artwork by Nona Limmen and Nathaniel Hébert.


Printed on silk coated paper. Perfect binding. A5. 92 pages.

Hellebore #8: The Unveiling Issue