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Hellebore celebrate Beltane 2023 with their ninth issue, dedicated to the theme of landscapes,  covering everything from leylines to megaliths, wandering, and rebellions.


Pilgrimages and rituals of crossings, tales of malevolent lights luring travellers off the path, patterns in the landscape, invisible lines of force, the mystery of megaliths. In these pages we explore the sea, the marshland, rivers and fields, stone circles, the moors, and the enigma of outer space to unearth the stories that fascinate us and to acknowledge how they’ve shaped us.


Featuring words by Katy Soar and Niall Finneran, Kenneth Brophy, Francis Young, Verity Holloway, Madeleine Potter, Icy Sedgwick, and Darren Pih. Artwork by Clare Marie Bailey and Nathaniel Hébert.


Printed on silk coated paper. Perfect binding. A5. 86 pages. New.

Hellebore #9: The Old Ways Issue