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Eily: Austin Osman Spare's Muse


Austin Osman Spare has been taking the art world by storm in the past five years, after decades of being followed only by the British esoteric community. This is one of the most interesting recent works researching his life and artistic influences, as here we finally begin to understand Austin Osman Spare and Women. This is a crucial contribution, as sex and sexuality are so important in his art. Wallace's work centres upon Spares relationship with his wife Eily (shortened from Eileen), a former chorus girl on the West End stage, whose profession and personality influenced the  artist's thinking and imagery. William Wallace is a long-time student and scholar of Austin Osman Spare, and this book shows his magisterial command of his subject. The volume is lavishly illustrated throughout both in colour and monochrome, showing rare photographs, art works and advertisements.

Roehampton: Jerusalem Press, 2016. Hardback, 202 pages. New. Standard edition limited to 800 hand-numbered copies.