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HELLEBORE is an independent zine dedicated to folk horror and the themes that inspire it: folklore, myth, history, archaeology, psychogeography, and the occult.


Hellebore's inaugural issue is a potent offering to the gods, dedicated to the theme of sacrifice – a theme that is universal, found in almost every culture throughout history. It is also one that permeates the world of folk horror. The contributions in this issue are thrilling and compelling: the bloody history of stone circles and megaliths; Victorian folk horror; bog bodies; horror short story writer M.R. James and his influences; among many others. There is also an interview with Professor Ronald Hutton, Britain's leading historian of paganism, on folk horror. 


Other contributors include Katy Soar, Verity Holloway, David Southwell (Hookland), Dee Dee Chainey, Mercedes Miller, John Reppion, and Maria J. Pérez Cuervo. Artwork by Paul Watson and Eli John. Edited by Maria J. Pérez Cuervo.


Printed on silk coated paper. Perfect binding. A5. 68 pages. 

Hellebore #1: The Sacrifice Issue