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A pocket guide to sigils and their use, from chaos magic to grimoires, with a directory of spirit seals.


This handy, pocket-sized guide – popular with Treadwell's customers – is a portable reference for anyone interested in the power of symbols. Subtitled Illustrated Guide to the Symbols of Spirit and Thought, it opens with a short chapter about sigil craft, with an overview of the most common ways to create one. This is followed by a directory of spirit sigils – from planetary intelligences to the Olympic spirits to the spirits of the grimoires. The concluding chapter on thought sigils addresses them in the form most familiar to readers through chaos magic and Austin Osman Spare. This is an excellent, portable reference for the most important seals and sigils of the Western magical tradition, suitable for both newcomers and seasoned occultists alike.


Somerset: Green Magic, 2021. Paperback, 192 pages.

Sigils - M. B. Jackson