This is the mystical autobiography of Alejandro Jodorowsky, the famed film-maker.  After a stint with Zen Buddhism, he became a student of the occult surrealist painter Leonora Carrington. Teachers included Doa Magdalena, who taught him initiatic or spiritual massage; the Mexican actress known as La Tigresa (the tigress ); and Reyna D'Assia, daughter of the famed spiritual teacher G. I. Gurdjieff. Other important wisewomen on Jodorowsky's spiritual path include Mara Sabina, the priestess of the sacred mushrooms; the healer Pachita; and the Chilean singer Violeta Parra. The teachings of these women enabled him to discard the emotional armour. A fascinating read traversing Japan, America and Mexico, related by one of our generations greatest film-makers.

Rochester, VT: Park Street Press, 2008. Paperback, 250 pages. New.

Spiritual Journey of Alejandro Jodorowsky