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A pocket-sized selection of esoteric and spiritual writing by W.B. Yeats, in a hardcover format. Limited to 250 copies.


Black Letter Press have once again outdone themselves with this beautiful pocket-friendly selection of the writings of W.B. Yeats. The title Spiritus Mundi is taken from Yeats' iconic poem 'The Second Coming', which opens this collection. Yeats himself described the spiritus mundi – literally 'spirit of the world' – as a 'universal memory and a muse of sorts that provides inspiration to the poet or writer', and in this collection we see the esoteric and spiritual elements that inspired and influenced him. Included are short stories such as 'The Adoration of the Magi' and essays on topics including 'The Celtic Element in Literature', representative of Yeats' defining Celticism and his attempts to revivify Irish literature. 


This small-format volume features a striking yellow clothbound hardcover with black endpapers and a handy ribbon to keep your place. Limited to only 250 copies, this is a highly collectible book that is perfect for anyone with an interest in Yeats and his work.


Black Letter Press, 2021. Hardback. Second edition, limited to 250 hand-numbered copies. New.    

Spiritus Mundi - W.B. Yeats [Black Letter Press]