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A modern-day medieval mystery cycle in three parts, by visionary poet and playwright John Constable. 


The Southwark Mysteries were revealed by a spirit known as The Goose to John Crow, the poetic alter-ego of writer John Constable, at Crossbones Graveyard, an old burial ground in Southwark dating from the medieval period. In this graveyard, paupers, sex workers and other marginalised members of society were laid to rest, away from the regular, consecrated grounds from which they had been ostracised, even in death. The work is divided into three parts: The Vision Books of the Southwark Mysteries, a series of poetic narratives and visions by The Goose that are set in the vicinity of Crossbones and the borough of Southwark; The Mystery Plays, a contemporary cycle of medieval-style mystery plays that bring to life old stories and myths in our own time and setting; and Glossolalia, a poetically inspired glossary that redefines familiar names and places in fresh and unfamiliar ways. The Southwark Mysteries is recommended reading, particularly for those interested in London folklore, history and psychogeography.


London: Oberon Books, 2011. Paperback, 342 pages. New.

The Southwark Mysteries - John Constable