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A new addition to the popular Treasury of Folklore series, on the stories, myths and legends of woodlands and forests.


Dee Dee Chainey is a widely popular folklorist on social media who brought out two previous fantastic volumes of folklore. She has returned with a much-anticipated addition to her Treasury of Folklore collection, with a new book on the folklore of trees, woodlands and their inhabitants. There are yew trees, cedar trees, and mushrooms; customs like the Christmas log and apple wassailing; beasts like the bear and the big bad wolf. 


Like the other books in the series, all of this wonderful folklore comes wrapped up in a beautiful book design, dark green like a forest and trailing with gold-foil branches. There are evocative black-and-white woodcut illustrations throughout to bring it all to life. This is a handsome addition to the bookshelves of anyone who loves a good story set in a deep, dark wood.


 London: Batsford, 2021. Hardback, 192 pages. New.

Treasury of Folklore: Woodlands & Forests - Dee Dee Chainey, Willow Winsham

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