Beyond the Book of Shadows – Lynden Clarke

A guide to some of the advanced techniques of ritual circle building within Wicca.


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Stathe, Somerset: Green Magic, 2010. Paperback, 167 pages. New.

This book focusses on the witch’s magic circle and the rite used to construct it, and looks at what goes on in a circle on a magical level. This is a subject rarely written about, and the author conveys the inspiration and the mystery of ritual: when a ceremony comes alive it enters into the other world and takes us with it.

The author goes into depth on two techniques to develop the energetic side of ritual. First is the the setting up of a magical circle, and second is the invoking of divine power into it. Together these form the two fundamentals. If these two practices are done well, everything else will fall into place and evolve quite naturally.

A good book from a friendly small publisher in the English West Country countryside.

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