Circle for Hekate Volume I – Sorita D’Este

A comprehensive introduction to the history and mythology of Hekate, Goddess of Witchcraft and Sorcery.


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London: Avalonia, 2017. Paperback, 267 pages. New.

Sorita D’Este’s Circle for Hekate Volume I: History and Mythology is an extensive and comprehensive account of the worship and mythology of the goddess Hekate. Drawing on a wide range of sources, this fascinating book provides an exploration of Hekate in the ancient world, bringing together myth, literature, archaeology and iconography. The author shows how Hekate was conflated with a wide range of other goddesses and how her presence was felt across the ancient world and in a diverse range of mystery traditions. The first in a series, Circle of Hekate Volume I is essential background reading for any contemporary practitioner who wants to pursue a relationship with this powerful goddess, providing a clear foundation for practice. Scholarly but accessible, illustrated with a wealth of diagrams and monochrome photographs, with an extensive bibliography this book sets a new standard in practitioner-led scholarship.

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