Dionysos Exciter to Frenzy – Vikki Bramshaw

A study of the god Dionysos in History, Myth and Lore.


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London: Avalonia Books, 2013. Paperback, 238 pages. New.

Dionysos Exciter to Frenzy is an in-depth and scholarly examination of one of the most complex, liminal and paradoxical deities of the ancient world. Worshipped by both slaves and rulers, wine-makers, hunters, and accompanied by the wild Maenads, Dionysos embodies both death and rebirth, initiation and possession, the heavens and the cthonic earth. Author Vikki Bramshaw guides the reader through the mysterious world of this multi-faceted god, revealing his many faces and forms and how he appears in different cultures. She explores his role in mystery traditions and in mythology, how Dionysos was understood within wider cultural traditions, in literature and theatre; and in relationship to practices such as oracles and mask-possession, as well as his affinity with women and the role of women in his worship. Scholarly but highly accessible, Dionysos Exciter to Frenzy is an excellent introduction to this powerful deity for anyone who would emulate his worship nowadays, or for lovers of ancient myth and history.

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