Exploring Spellcraft – Gerina Dunwich

A practical, hands-on guide to effective spellcasting and practical witchcraft.


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Product Description

Franklin Lakes, NJ: New Page Books, 2001. Paperback, 220 pages. New.

Subtitled How to Create and Cast Effective Spells, Gerina Dunwich’s Exploring Spellcraft explains the practice of magical spellcraft in simple and accessible terms. This hands-on, practical guide to spellcraft covers key subjects such as timing, correspondences, candle magic, the properties and use of magical herbs and gemstones, how to brew potions, and much more. Spells for nearly every everyday purpose can be found within this illustrated guide to the magical world of witchcraft, and Exploring Spellcraft also shows you how to design your own rituals and spells from scratch, using everyday household items and herbs from the kitchen cupboard. The book also covers weather workings, divination, amulets, charms and fetishes, plus a directory of useful resources and bibliography. Whether you are an old hand or a beginner making your first steps on the path of witchcraft, Exploring Spellcraft will be a valuable addition to your magical library.

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