Goddess of the North – Lynda C. Welch

An in-depth study of divine females in the Norse tradition.


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York Beach: Weiser Books, 2001. Paperback, xviii+268 pages. New.

Goddess of the North is an in-depth study of divine female figures in Norse Mythology. In this wide-ranging and accessible book, author Lynda C. Welch draws on primary research and mythology for bringing the Goddess into her rightful place in the Norse pantheon and contemporary practice. Discussing the place of goddesses and women within Norse culture, myth, and oral tradition, she shows how the popular view of Norse polytheism as solely male is both mistaken and misogynistic. Over the course of the book, she builds the case for a powerful and ever-present Triple Goddess – Daughter, Mother and Grandmother within the Norse tradition. In addition, she discusses the place and roles accorded to the Valkyries, Norns and the Giantesses.

Goddess of the North is a fascinating book that has much to offer not only practitioners of the Heathen traditions, but also anyone with an interest in world mythology and the place of women in traditional cultures.

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