Iphigenie Auf Tauris – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Rare edition of this  reworking of the ancient Greek tragedy Iphigenia in Tauris by Euripides.


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Munich: Bremer Press, 1922. Hardback, 81 pages. Limited edition, number 152 of 300 copies bound in parchment (vellum) by Frieda Thiersch

This play is by Goethe, one of the greats of eighteenth-century esoteric thought. He  wrote the first version of his play in six weeks, and it was first performed  in 1779, in prose form. He rewrote it in 1781, again in prose, and finally in 1786 in verse form.

This rare limited edition was produced in Weimar Germany. Thiersch became a notable bookbinder and designed and executed many of the Bremer Press bindings. Thiersch would go on to bind some of the most important documents and books for Hitler and the Third Reich.