Jung and Tarot – Sallie Nichols

A detailed and insightful interpretation of Tarot symbolism from a Jungian Perspective.  


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San Francisco, Weiser Books, 1984. Paperback, 394 pages, New.

This innovative work takes the reader on journey through the world of the Tarot through the per.spective of Jungian depth psychology. Subtitled An Archetypal Journey, author Sallie Nichols brings together the timeless wisdom of tarot symbolism with the insights of Jung’s Archetypal psychology, viewing the Major Arcana as a mapth outlining the journey towards Self-Realization.

Drawing on diverse sources from mythology, the humanities, literature and the arts, Jung and Tarot shows how psyche, soul and imagery are intertwined and mutually affective to each other. It is an essential work for  anyone with an interest in Tarot and personal development.

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