Learning the Tarot – Joan Bunning

A beginner’s workbook for learning to read the Tarot.


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Product Description

San Francisco: Weiser Books, 1998. Paperback, xi+320 pages. New.

Learning the Tarot is a beginning workbook for anyone who is interested in learning to read the Tarot. Set out as a series of lessons, it provides a thorough yet accessible introduction to using the Tarot for divination and inner guidance, beginning with basic concepts and moving the reader gradually towards more advanced techniques and ideas. Each card is comprehensively described, and the author also provides useful keywords, mnemonic aids, and practical advice on how to interpret the cards in relation to each other, and thus build the “story” of a reading.

With examples of readings given, and illustrated throughout with black and white images of the popular Rider-Waite deck, Learning the Tarot is a useful introductory work for anyone considering their first Tarot deck.

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